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“Digital Twins” of the Ocean (DTOs) bring together wide varieties of data combined with online computation resources can be harnessed to address societal challenges in the marine domain, facilitating the deployment and analyses of “what-if” scenarios (e.g., what if we build this dike ?). They can also be harnessed for other purposes, such as creating capacity in ocean sciences or supporting STEM education.
Different initiatives around the world are deploying public infrastructure (e.g., in Europe, EMODnet and Copernicus Marine are building EDITO to improve access to data and computing resources), as well as developing DTOs and applications (e.g., ILIAD, DITTO) to address ocean-related challenges.

As an ECOP, how should these initiatives be set up to respond to your needs? What challenges should they contribute to solve? What is your vision for Digital Twins of the Ocean? 

Before taking the survey please watch this short video introduction on the use of the DTO for ECOPs:

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